The power to generate anti-gravitational fields. Sub-power of Anti-Gravity Manipulation. Variation of Physical Force Generation. Opposite to Gravity Generation.

Also Called

  • Anti-Graviton Creation/Generation
  • Anti-Gravity Creation


The user is able to generate anti-gravitons; possibly decreasing and/or negating gravity in the area around them, which would have force-alleviating/lifting effects on all in the area where anti-gravity is generated.




  • May not be immune to generated anti-gravity.
  • May be countered by Gravity Manipulation.
  • May be unable to manipulate anti-gravity and/or anti-gravitons, being limited to only creating them.
  • Once done, user may not be able to reverse it.
  • May be limited to controlling one’s personal anti-gravitational field.

Known Users

Known Objects

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