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"In your presence, all magic is meaningless."
― The Witch Queen on Asta (Black Clover).
"Hey, I—I can't feel my magic!"
"Me neither! What gives!?"
"Bella Noche is a being of pure anti-magic! Y'alls got played!"
― Forest Wizard, Laser Wizard and the Grand Master Wizard about Bella Noche (Adventure Time).

The power to utilize anti-magic. Opposite of Magic. Sub-power of Anti-Magic Manipulation. Not to be confused with Science Manipulation, Dispel Magic, or Magic Negation.

Also Called[]

  • Counter/Null/Reverse Magic
  • Anti/Counter/Negative/Null Mana


The user has the ability to use anti-magic which can nullify and destabilize most if not all forms of magic and even destroy a mage's capability to utilize magic. They can also achieve a variety of destructive effects on magic users, including crippling and/or killing them.

Anti-Magic works nearly similar like actual magic like manipulation and casting but only for the sole purpose of nullifying magic in general such as undoing spells, manipulation of anti-magical energies to destroy magical energies and so on, having a myriad of possibilities against any and all magical arts.





Known Users[]

See Also: Anti-Magic.

Known Objects[]