"Stop me if you've heard this one...worlds will live, worlds will die ... but imagine if your every fear, each bad decision, gave birth to a malformed world of nightmare. A world that shouldn't exist. And desperate as it fights to survive in the light of the true multiverse far above... these worlds are doomed to rot apart, and die, because they are wrong at their core. Welcome to the Dark Multiverse. Home to stories that should never be... It's all one big cosmic joke, except no one on this side is laughing. ...well, almost no one..."
― The Batman Who Laughs (DC Comics)

The ability to create the dark version of worlds on a multiversal scale. Negative result of Alpha Reality. Sub-power to Multiversal Manipulation and Cosmic Creation. Variation of Creation. Dark-version of the Multiverse.

Also Called

  • Anti-Cosmos
  • Anti-Dimension
  • Anti-Multiverse
  • Anti-Reality
  • Anti-Universe
  • Dark Multiverse (DC Comics)


The user can create malformed versions of worlds on a multiversal scale. Creating a second multiverse filled with an infinite collection of blasphemous and chaotic realities. a verse formed of every fear and bad decision ever made or dreamt, a verse made up of every possible horror imaginable and grows more powerful with every evil action, bad thought or sin from the original multiverse and it's inhabitants. This verse literally feeds and thrives off "everything wrong".

Along with the verse, its inhabitants may also be corrupted, evil or outright the worst versions of the original inhabitants of the original multiverse whether if their mortals, gods or cosmic entities.




  • Users of Alpha Reality and Prime Universe Manipulation can overpower anti-worlds.
  • The Omega Reality can destroy all anti-worlds permanently.
  • Needs to feed off the evil and wrong doings of the original multiverse to keep existing.
  • Has no power over beings or objects from original multiverses.
  • If the original multiverse is destroyed, the dark multiverse will cease to exist.
  • Will not stretch or reach beyond the multiverse.
  • Extreme Horror Survivors can endure most if not all of the dark forces of the anti-worlds.

Known Users

Known Locations

  • The Dark Multiverse (DC Comics)
  • Axis of Insanity (Doctor Who)
  • Antiverse (The Magicians)


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