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*[[Antimatter Transmutation]]
*[[Antimatter Transmutation]]
*[[Molecular Manipulation]]
*[[Molecular Manipulation]]

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The power to prevent antimatter from being annihilated when making contact with regular matter. Sub-power of Antimatter Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Matter-Antimatter Cohabitation


The user is able to stabilize antimatter: where antimatter and matter would normally annihilate each other upon physical contact, the user can prevent such an occurrence for a variety of effects ranging from matter-antimatter constructs to the cohabitation of matter and antimatter beings.



  • Might require constant focus.

Known Users

  • Thunderers of Qward (DC Comics)
  • Weaponers of Qward (DC Comics)

Known Objects

Known Objects

  • Flying Water (Final Fantasy Unlimited)
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