The power to use the abilities of a Ao Bozu, a mix of Bogeyman and Yokai Physiology.

Also Called

  • Ao Bozu Mimicry


Users of this ability can either mimic the traits of a Ao Bozu or are one, Ao Bozu are dangerous yokai depicted as blue-skinned humanoids with a single eye, they tend to live in abandoned homes or lonely roads and often hunt down and devour children who play in the fields, they also like to engage people in sumo matches on lonely roads but trick them into thinking they may have an easy win by appearing as small as children, only to quickly turn the tables on the victim and crush them with their superior strength and true size.

In other tales the monsters will appear before women and ask if she wants to be hanged by her neck, if she says no the creature will vanish without trace but if she tries to ignore the yokai it will pounce upon her and hang her.





  • Vulnerable to certain rituals and prayers, especially those of a Shrine Maiden or Shinto Priest.

Known Users

  • Ao Bozu (Japanese Folklore)
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