The power to use the traits and powers of the Apkallu. Variation of Mesopotamian Deity Physiology.


The user can draw powers and abilities connected to or transform into an Apkallu, a demigod of wisdom and knowledge.



According to Edgar W. Conrad and Edward G. Newing:

  • Uanna,"who finished the plans for heaven and earth"
  • Uannedugga, "who was endowed with comprehensive intelligence"
  • Enmedugga, "who was allotted a good fate"
  • Enmegalamma, "who was born in a house"
  • Enmebulugga, "who grew up on pasture land"
  • An-Enlilda, "the conjurer of the city of Eridu"
  • Utuabzu, "who ascended to heaven"


Known Users

  • Apkallu (Mesopotamian Mythology)
  • Apkallu (Pathfinders)
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