"So, um, do we walk back up the slide, or... or what?"
― Fluttershy, after witnessing Pinkie Pie going up the slide instead of going down it. (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
The ability to ignore points of application.

Also Called

  • Application Point Ignoring/Rejection
  • Point of Application Defiance/Ignoring/Rejection


The user can ignore the point of application, which is where a force is exerted on an object. This makes it so that if the user hits something. it will act as if it was hit in another, the lower section of itself and thus launched upward instead of forward. This allows for holding or hitting things at any angle or part the user wishes, regardless of what part of the object they actually exert a force on. If they are being carried or are hit by someone or something else, they can make it so that they are carried or hit from another part of the body than where on the user the force is exerted on.




  • May not be able to ignore the point of the application completely.
  • May have a time period as to how long they can ignore the point of applications.
  • Can still be affected by other forces.
  • May be dangerous to use if not applied appropriately.

Known Users


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