The ability to adapt to underwater environments. Variation of Environmental Adaptation.

Also Called


User is able to survive and adapt to underwater environments, being able to breathe water in lieu of, or along with, a gaseous breathing medium, to swim well and to endure high water pressure and extreme water temperatures. They are able to use their senses to perceive normally regardless of the distortion/pressure of the water, possibly including ignoring various impurities that would otherwise reduce the visibility.





  • May be unable to survive on dry land for long.

Known Users



  • Ripjaws (Ben 10 Series)
  • Jetray (Ben 10 Series)
  • Nya (Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu); via Aquatic Breathing
  • Beshte (The Lion Guard)
  • Zuma (PAW Patrol)
  • Gordon Tracy (Thunderbirds)
  • Harmonix and Sirenix Fairies (Winx Club)
  • Merliah Summers (Barbie in a Mermaid Tale)
  • Syren (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir)
  • Ladybug & Cat Noir (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir); via Aqua Form
  • Jonathan Rook/Stretch Monster (Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters)
  • Mira (The Hollow)
  • Merpups (Paw Patrol)
  • Sandy Cheeks (SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Experiment 602 "Sinker" (Lilo & Stitch)


  • Aquos Bakugan (Bakugan)
  • Doraemon (Doraemon: Nobita's Great Battle of the Mermaid King); via Familiar Light
  • Dorami (Doraemon: Nobita's Great Battle of the Mermaid King); via Familiar Light
  • Arqua (Dragon Ball GT)
  • Amachi (Naruto)
  • Isaribi (Naruto)
  • Fishmen species (One Piece)
  • Merfolk species (One Piece)
  • Chaos (Sora No Otoshimono); via consuming Siren
  • Siren (Sora No Otoshimono)
  • Hideauze (Suisei No Gargantia)
  • Water-Type Pokemon (Pokemon)
  • Pyunma/Cyborg 008 (Cyborg 009)
  • Mercuphobia (Fairy Tail: The 100 Years Quest)

Live Movies

  • Gillman (Creature from the Black Lagoon)
  • Godzilla (Godzilla)
  • Guiron (Gamera vs Guiron)
  • Zigra (Gamera vs Zigra)
  • Various aquatic and amphibious species (Star Wars)
  • Sharkboy (The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl)
  • The Mariner (Waterworld)
  • The Amphibian Man (The Shape of Water)
  • Alita (Alita: Battle Angel)

Live Television

  • Sea Devils (Doctor Who)
  • Marina Aguas (Marina TV Series)
  • Aquitians (Power Rangers)
  • Aryanna (Aryanna Philippine TV Series)


  • Demigod Children of Poseidon (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
    • Percy Jackson


  • Kori (Columbian/Venezuelan Folklore)

Video Games

  • The Four Horsemen (Darksiders)
    • War
    • Death
    • Fury
  • Chomper (New Blood Interactive's DUSK)
  • Chomper's Sons (New Blood Interactive's DUSK)
  • Archers (Hλlf-Life); Cut
  • Ichthyosaurs (Hλlf-Life series)
  • Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Donald Duck (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Goofy (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Rahabim vampires (Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver)
  • Link (Legend of Zelda); via Zora Armor
  • Merman Genome Chip Users (Project Altered Beast)
    • Leviathan
    • Luke Custer
  • Rotfishes (Quake Series)
  • Electric Eels (Quake: Dissolution of Eternity)
  • Fishmen (Serious Sam); Cut
  • Mantamen (Serious Sam); Cut
  • Water Skylanders (Skylanders)
  • Water Dragons (Skylanders)
  • Gillmen (Skylanders)
  • Titans (Skylanders)
  • Hydra (Skylanders)
  • Chaos (Sonic the Hedgehog); only in Chaos 6 transformation.
  • Clawgrip (Super Mario Bros. Series)


  • The Toa Mahri (Bionicle)
  • Red (NES Godzilla Creepypasta)

Known Objects

  • Familiar Light (Doraemon: Nobita's Great Battle of the Mermaid King); via Environmental Adaptation
  • Ena/Sea Robe (Nagi no Asu: A Lull in the Sea)
  • Gillyweed (Harry Potter)
  • Merman Genome Chip (Project Altered Beast)
  • Gills of Hamachi (Xiaolin Showdown)
  • Zora Armor (Legend of Zelda)
  • Pearl of Transformation (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)


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