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The archetype of a character who is an alpha genie. Variation of Alpha with a Genie Physiology.

Also Called[]

  • Alpha Djinn/Jinn
  • Djinn/Genie/Jinn King/Queen/Master/Lord
  • Shamir


The character is an alpha genie, a being vastly superior to other members of their group or society who leads through brute strength and force of personality. Their command of the supernatural may be limited to other genie, or it may extend across multiple types of powerful esoteric beings to potentially include angels, demons, fairies, and spirits.



Alpha Genie Types:[]



  • To avoid the confusion, the elements of each type of alpha genie mentioned above are based on RPGs and not of pre-Islamic and Islamic mythology and folklore. This is because the RPGs have a more standardized and simplified classification of alpha genies, while the original sources have a more diverse and complex depiction of these supernatural beings. Therefore, the alpha genies in RPGs are not meant to represent or offend any cultural or religious beliefs, but rather to provide a fun and creative way of exploring the concept of wish-granting.

Known Users[]

  • Yaqaayes Al-Aroth (Anima: Beyond Fantasy)
    • Jinn
    • Ifrit
    • Marid
    • Faun
  • Jafar (Disney's Aladdin)
  • Seven Arch-Genie (Folklore/Mythology)
    • Al-Ahmar
    • Barqan
    • Murra
    • Maimun
    • Mudhib
    • Shamharush
    • Zawbaah
  • Iblis (Islamic Mythology)
  • 72 Jinn (Islamic Mythology)
  • 72 Djinn (Magi)
  • Jann ibn Jann (Persian/Islamic Mythology)