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"I howl through many mouths. I break with many hands. They are themselves, but they are also me. I have all the power you give me and my weapon is hate."
― The One-Below-All (Marvel Comics)
"In my dream, the world had suffered a terrible disaster. A black haze shut out the sun, and the darkness was alive with the moans and screams of wounded people. Suddenly, a small light glowed. A candle flickered into life, symbol of hope for millions. A single tiny candle, shining in the ugly dark. I laughed and blew it out."
― Joker (DC Comics)
"Violent passion, for a fraudulent god who gave a vicious curse."
― The Enigma TNG - God Complex
"He's like the devil, isn't he?"
"No, he's worse."
― Jake Chambers and Roland Deschain (The Dark Tower)
"You cannot save yourself from me. I am as inevitable as destiny."
― Unicron (Transformers)

The archetype for the characters that possess or have traits of the Anti-God. Variation of Transcendent Physiology. Form/Expression of Omnipotence. Ultimate version of Evil and Malevolent Deity. Opposite of Monotheistic Deity.

Also Called

  • The Anti-God
  • Dark/Anti Supreme Being
  • The Dark Side of God
  • The Evil of God
  • Primordial Deity/God/Goddess of Evil, Chaos, Death, Destruction, Horrors, Darkness, The Abyss, The Void and The Apocalypse
  • Primordial Evil/Void
  • Primordial/Original/True Anti-God
  • The Shadow of God/Yahweh
  • The Supreme/Primordial/Great Darkness
  • Supreme Chaos/Dark/Evil God
  • Ultimate/Supreme Annihilator/ Degenerator/ Destroyer/ Evil/ Malevolence


As an archetype, the Anti-God represents the counterpart and/or sometimes the dark aspects of The Supreme Being. They are considered the essence of all evil, darkness, and chaos in all of existence. As the ultimate destroyer, they are ranked among the most powerful beings.

Anti-gods are beings of unlimited power giving them the ability to destroy entire universes; in some cases even compared to the supreme creator, a clash between them could cause the multiverse to be destroyed and recreated. Anti-Gods represent and are the prime originators of all that counters creation, giving it absolute domain over dark powers.

Universal Differences

  • Anti-gods are vital to the balance of the cosmos as they represent the other side of the coin in the perpetual conflict between good and evil.
  • As there is only one Supreme God, there can only be one Anti-God.
    • Although due to inconsistency of fiction and the fact there isn't a clear hierarchy of the most powerful beings, there can be multiple candidates for Anti-God and this status would move between them in every specific story and case.
  • Some are not villains but destructive aspects or forces vital that are charged to bring the universe to an end.
  • The Anti-God is not to be confused for a demon but is the originator of all dark forces and everything related to it.
  • Though they existed before the universe itself their origin can be originated from 3 sources:
    • They may be split or purged aspects of God's dark attributes (ex. Tathamet from Diablo).
    • Twin or counter aspects of God (ex. Angra Mainyu from Zoroastrianism).
    • Primordial form of existence which existed before creation (ex. The Great Darkness from DC Comics).
  • Whereas God plays the role of "Creator", the Anti-God plays the role of "Destroyer".

Applications (General)

Applications (Detail)

  • Supreme Deity - The user is a god greater than any other and is unrivaled by any other except the user’s light counterpart.
    • Old God - The user is an ancient deity from before time.
    • Supreme Divinity - As the dark counterpart to the supreme being, the anti-god has the highest level of divinity.
  • Unity - As the dark counterpart to the Supreme Being, the Anti-God is one-with-all that is sustaining in the omniverse.
    • Totality Embodiment - As the dark counterpart to the Supreme Being, the Anti-God embodies all that is sustaining in the omniverse.
  • Universal Principle Manipulation - Void beings can govern or portray cosmological precept changing the nature of metaphysical space and time.
    • Omega Reality - Often sitting at the ultimate end of all there is at the end of reality




  • The Anti-God may be less powerful than the Supreme Being.
    • If Omninescient, the Anti-God may be unable to comprehend the Supreme Being's creation.
      • Alternatively, the Anti-God may be stronger than the Supreme Being, meaning entropy will always prevail in the end.

Example Characters

See Also: The Anti God.



  • Loki (Gokukoku No Brynhildr)
  • Trihexa 666 (Highschool DXD)


  • Lord Foul (The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant)
  • Hel (The Circumstances Leading to Waltraute's Marriage)
  • Chaos (Dragonlance)
  • Azrael (Discworld)
  • Shai'tan/Dark One (The Wheel of Time)

Live Television/Movies

  • Dahak (Hercules/Xena)
  • Anti-God (Prince of Darkness)
  • The Darkness (Supernatural)
  • Unicron (Transformers)
  • The Mother Of Abominations (Twin Peaks)


  • Rex Mundi (Catharism)
  • Guayota (Guanches Mythology)
  • Prince of Darkness (Manichaeism)
  • Angra Mainyu/Ahriman (Zoroastrianism)
  • Amatsu Mikaboshi (Shinto Mythology)
  • Apep/Apophis (Egyptian Mythology)

Video Games

  • The Darkness (Destiny)
  • Tathamet (Diablo)
  • Padomay (The Elder Scrolls)
  • Henir (Elsword)
  • Virage Embryo (The Legend of Dragoon)
  • Urgash (Might and Magic)
  • Vigoor (Ninja Gaiden series)
  • Nereid (Tales of Eternia)
  • Angra Mainyu (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Omni-Exist (Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer)


  • Ebon Dragon, the Shadow of All Things (Exalted)
  • Anti-God (Prince of Darkness/John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness)
  • The Adversary (World of Darkness)