"My name is Danny Wormwood, and I'm the Antichrist. How I ended up with a rabbit is beyond me."
― Danny Wormwood (Chronicles of Wormwood)

The archetype for the characters that possess, or have traits of the Antichrist.

Also Called

  • Antichrist
  • Dark Prophet/Messiah
  • False-Christ
  • False Prophet or False Messiah


The user is the Antichrist, a darker messianic archetype associated or aligned with malevolent forces; commonly viewed or portrayed as an avatar who is born from satanic origins who represents or is associated with The Devil as his incarnation or physical manifestation on earth, yet the designation isn't exclusive for demonic sources. Antichrists are extremely dangerous and are fundamental as bringers of the Apocalypse.

Associated Powers




Example Characters

See Also: The Anti-Christ or Dark Messiah


  • Nemo/Anti-Christ (American Dad)
  • Danny Wormwood (Chronicles of Wormwood)
  • Damian (Zoophobia)


  • The Antichrist (Abrahamic/Christian Mythology)


  • Michael Langdon (American Horror Story, Apocalypse)
  • Sabrina Spellman (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)
  • Damien Thorn (Damien TV Series)
  • Jake Gray (Devour)
  • Adam Young (Good Omens)
  • Nicolae Carpathia (Left Behind)
  • Lucas (Little Evil)
  • Damien Thorn (The Omen)
  • Rosemary's Baby (Rosemary's Baby)
  • Jesse Turner (Supernatural); but only when Lucifer walks the Earth.
  • Kevin Lomax (The Devil's Advocate)
  • Heidi (The Lords of Salem)
  • Amy (The Messengers TV Series)
  • Angela (The Vatican Tapes)

Video Games

  • Lucius Wagner (Lucius)


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