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"What are your superpowers again?"
"I'm rich."
― Barry Allen/The Flash and Bruce Wayne/Batman (Justice League)
"You know us billionaire vigilantes... we do love our toys."
― Oliver Queen (Arrowverse)
"I have the money! I make the rules! I was poor like you once, but I clawed my way up until no-one could look down on me! Until I opened the gates of heaven with a golden key and became a god!"
― Gild Tesoro (One Piece)

The ability to embody the immensely wealthy archetype.

Also Called

  • Richest Man/Woman/Child
  • Wealth Man/Woman/Child
  • Rich Man/Woman/Child


The user is immensely wealthy, having gained a fortune to various degrees in a variety of ways and able to use their money to fund a wide variety of things, such as scientific research or gadget building.

Associated Powers



  • Due to the status and influence it offers, the user may find a wide array of personal problems:
    • May develop some degree of egotistical or megalomaniacal tendencies, blinding them of their shortcomings or choices.
    • The lifestyle may grow to a dull manner for the ease or lack of complications wealth can offer.
  • Poverty Inducement
  • Overuse of this archetype will result in the collapse of an economy, with potentially cataclysmic results.
  • While immense, the user's funds are not unlimited.
  • The user may become the target for thieves.
  • With wealth, they'll be the victim of the wrath and envy of others who are in poverty or desire to be even richer.

Example Characters

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  • Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians)
  • Billy Billions (Ben 10)
  • Chloe (Beverly Hills Chihuahua)
  • Tomoyo Daidouji (Cardcaptor Sakura)
  • Willy Wonka (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
  • Charles Foster Kane (Citizen Kane)
  • Byakuya Togami (Danganronpa)
  • Vlad Masters/Vlad Plasmius (Danny Phantom)
  • Arthur Curry/Aquaman (DC Comics)
  • Bruce Wayne/Batman (DC Comics)
  • Lex Luthor (DC Comics)
  • Max Lord (DC Comics)
  • Michael Holt/Mr. Terrific (DC Comics)
  • Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (DC Comics)
  • Oswald Cobblerpot/The Penguin (DC Comics)
  • Ra’s al Ghul (DC Comics)
  • Ray Palmer/The Atom (DC Comics)
  • Ted Kord/Blue Beetle (DC Comics)
  • Veronica Cale (DC Comics)
  • Scrooge McDuck (Disney)
  • Bulma (Dragon Ball series)
  • Doug Dimmadome (The Fairly Oddparents)
  • President Shinra (Final Fantasy VII)
  • David Xanatos (Gargoyles)
  • Plutus (Greek Mythology)
  • Sarah, Chloe and Zoey (Horseland)
  • Joestar Family (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
  • Robert E.O. Speedwagon (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part II: Battle Tendency)
  • Passione (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part V: Golden Wind/Vento Aureo)
  • Various Characters (Kingdom)
  • Illusive Man (Mass Effect series)
  • Charles Xavier/Professor X (Marvel Comics)
  • Eddie Gunnam/The Swell (Marvel Comics)
  • T'Challa/Black Panther (Marvel Comics)
  • Tony Stark/Iron Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Wilson Fisk/Kingpin (Marvel Comics)
  • Norman Osborn/Green Goblin (Marvel Comics)
  • Namor Mckenzei/The Submariner (Marvel Comics)
  • Roberto Da Costa/Sunspot (Marvel Comics)
  • Xian Coy Mahn/Karma (Marvel Comics)
  • Mr. Monopoly (Monopoly)
  • Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3)
  • Andrew Hartford (Power Rangers Operation Overdrive)
  • Haru Jigokumeguri (Ojojojo)
  • Various Characters (One Piece)
  • Hannibal McFist (Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja)
  • Richie Rich (Richie Rich)
  • Daphne Blake (Scooby-Doo)
  • Cooper Clan (Sly Cooper series)
  • Thorndyke Family (Sonic X)
  • Various Characters (Solo Leveling)
  • Various Characters (Star Wars Canon/Legends)
  • The Tipton Family (Suite Life of Zack and Cody)
  • Bowser (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Mishima Family (Tekken)
  • Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)
  • Princess Morbucks (The Powerpuff Girls)
  • Various Characters (Valiant Entertainment Comics)
  • Wario (Wario/Super Mario)
  • Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias (Watchmen)
  • Jacob Marlowe/Lord Emop (Wildstorm Comics)
  • Jack Marlowe/Spartan (Wildstorm Comics)
  • Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Diamond Tiara (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Northwest Family (Gravity Falls)
  • Foxworth Family (Oliver & Company)
  • Rich Ness (Happy Ness: The Secret of the Loch)
  • Brandon Brewster/Mighty Man (Ruby-Spears)
  • Radley Crowne/Blue Falcon (Dynomutt, Dog Wonder)
  • Hannibal McFist (Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja)
  • James and his parents (Pokémon)
  • Jack Danner/Hawk-Owl (Marvel Comics)
  • Robert Vernon/Tek Knight (The Boys)
  • Anthony Wayne/Dark Knight (DeviantArt)
  • Oliver Murdock/Crismon Arrow (DeviantArt)
  • Paul Delacroix/Darkblade (Maerkle Press)
  • William Robinson Keen/Eclipse (Monkeybrain Comics)
  • Black Saturn ('SuperMansion)
  • Taylor Kendall/Professor Night (Image Comics)