The power to use the archetypal traits of a princess.


The user is a princess, a young or future matriarch of a kingdom or empire that, in some cases, is the reigning monarch of principalities and has just as much rule and power as her parents, the King and Queen.

Associated Powers

  • Animal Empathy: User has a natural connection with most if not all animals and wildlife due to their gentle disposition, beauty or supernatural abilities.
    • Animal Companionship: Due to their empathetic abilities, user can form strong bonds and make companions with one or more animals.
  • Fearlessness: Princesses are typically very brave, able to keep calm in a dangerous situation, try to escape or fight back those who threaten them and their kingdom.
  • Intuitive Aptitude: User possesses a multitude of skills and areas of expertise related to royalty such as,
    • Housekeeping Aptitude: User possesses exceptional housekeeping skills such as cleaning, cooking, sewing etc. due to years of etiquette training.
    • Intuitive Multilingualism: User requires the skill to pick up several languages to better use diplomacy.
    • Leadership Intuition: User has an exceptional ability to lead others.
      • Authority: User has authority to rule, enforce orders, enforce laws and make any decisions the users will giving them total control over users dominion.
    • Musical Intuition: Princesses are associated with music and are known to have exceptional singing and musical talent.
    • Political Intuition: User possesses advanced knowledge in politics and skills in running a kingdom.
  • Musical Inducement: User has a singing voice so beautiful that they can affect the environment such as calling animals to them, getting others to sing with them with ease etc.
  • Peak Human/Enhanced/Supernatural Beauty: User is exceptionally beautiful, significantly above most others and is so beautiful that they garner the attention of most living beings human or otherwise.
  • Personal Army: User has their own personal army, being royalty.
  • Subordination Manipulation: User has dominion over all those below them whether be knights, servants, peasants etc.



  • Magic Princess: The Magic Princess is defined by their abilities in using Magic as well as many different forms of magic. Due to being highly associated with mysticism, these princesses are some of the most powerful variations.
  • Warrior Princess: The Warrior Princess is defined by their exceptional abilities and prowess in combatand possess many abilities associated with battle such as being a Tactical Genius, being highly proficient in using all matter of weaponry and having exceptional physical capabilities.


  • The user can be the target of many beings due to their riches and beauty such as dragons and other beasts, rival rulers, greedy/lustful men etc.
  • despite frequent resistance in fantasy a princess should not keep her title when she enters power, the moment she becomes crowned as a monarch she becomes a Queen (in many verses queens are seen as evil or old, while princesses are embodiments of youth and innocence).
  • like all monarch-based archetypes if a society shifts to a system without absolute monarchy a princess has no power, if a society goes even further and removes their monarchy altogether princesses (obviously) cease to exist.
  • some depictions of princesses are regarded as old-fashioned and sexist (the "damsel in distress") - (..this flaw is, however, being corrected and most modern princesses are no longer burdened by this (some do parody it).) .
  • The user might not or might have few friends around their age due to the large gap in social status. 
  • depending on the verse a princess may also be expected to marry a prearranged suitor (often a neighboring kingdom's prince or nobleman), this can be especially troublesome if the suitor is an ill-match for her (or worse still cruel) - this flaw can sometimes be rectified by a sufficiently powerful ruler (such as a Sultan) changing the laws but unfortunately this is not common.

Example Characters

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