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"So, isn't this terrifying? I'm terrified too. Giygas cannot think rationally anymore, and he isn't even aware of what he is doing now. His own mind was destroyed by his incredible power. What an all-mighty idiot!"
― Pokey (EarthBound)
"I'm h...a...p...p...y... Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness... Arrgh! Yaagh!... It hurts, Ness... Arrgh! Yaagh!... It's not right... not right... not right...Ahh, Grr, Ohhh..."
― Giygas meltdown during the final battle (EarthBound)

The archetype for characters that are unstable gods. Erratic version Nigh/Ultipotence Advanced version of Reality Randomization. Variation of Transcendent Physiology. Not to be confused with Chaos Deity Physiology, Eldritch Physiology, Higher-Dimensional Abomination Physiology and Madness Deity Physiology.

Also Called

  • Ballistic/Maniac/Negative/Psychotic/Unstable/Volatile Omnipotence
  • Erratic/Mad God Physiology
  • God/Goddess With No Self-Control
  • Impulsive/Malevolent/Uncontrolled Nigh-omnipotence/Ultipotence
  • Schizopotence
  • True Almighty Idiot
  • Uncontrollable Absolute/Ultimate/Unlimited Power


As an archetype, the user is an unstable god, who has ultimate power, but due to circumstances is unable to control it at any level or situation whenever they wish. In all of existence, they are destructive and unpredictable forces that can cause calamities at any time. Unstable Gods are viewed from many perspectives, as destructive primordial entities, insane cosmological mortals, concepts/forces, or an aspect/expression/extension of an Anti-god. This is considered possible aftermath of transcendence, not being able to handle the ultimate power. Their body, mind, and/or soul has a limit on how much it takes such as an anti-overloading mechanism. This archetype comes in two forms.


The user has an abusive/destructive/emotional/terrible/psychotic mindset. Due to their insanity, they are unable to control their omnipotent power. The user is trapped in their created hell with no chance of saving.


The power itself is ungovernable and deadly to have a hold on. This may be a result of a curse, power manipulation, or a bestowal. The user is normal, but if the power sabotages the user, a chain of events will lead to an apocalypse.

Associated Powers (General)

Associated Powers (Detailed)



  • User cannot control their power thus the users power could shift between being all powerful, to being almost all powerful to being powerless or just being weak enough to be destroyed or stopped, but since the users of this power cant control that power it maybe difficult to know what their level of power is.
  • Users pose a hazard to anything, everyone, and everything including themselves.
  • Form/Expressions of Omnipotence (such as Metapotence and another more experienced user of Ultipotence) is still above the user.
  • Certain users May have some kind of control over their power but may not be able to have a firm grip on their sane mind and whats going on around them eventually losing all control over their power and sanity thus either destroying them selves or destroying everything around them thus making the user into a Unstable God.
  • the user may like being unstable and insane even if the user has a chance to be saved the user may not want to be saved giving into the madness and unstable nature of the users power

Known Users

See also: Almighty Idiot

  • Akira (Akira)
  • Tetsuo Shima (Akira)
  • Azathoth (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • Giygas (Earthbound)
  • The Demiurge/Samael (Gnosticism)
  • Anthony Fremont (It's a Good Life)
  • minus (minus); temporarily
  • Sam Howell/SCP-3812 - A Voice Behind Me (SCP Foundation)
  • Chorozon (Thelema)
  • Castiel (Supernatural) formerly by exorbing the souls of purgatory
  • Hajun (Kajiri Kamui Kagura); with tumor
  • The Dreamers (The Secret World)