The ability to manipulate artillery. Variation of Object Manipulation, Projectile Manipulation, and Weapon Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Artillery Control
  • Artillery Mastery
  • Pyrovolikókinesis


User can create, shape, and manipulate artillery, a class of large military weapons built to fire munitions far beyond the range and power of infantry's small arms.





  • May be unable to create artillery, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources.
  • Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user, and their power's natural limits.
  • May be limited to only manipulating certain types of artillery.
  • May be limited to only artillery that have been previously held, seen, or scanned (i.e. artillery in the users memory).

Known Users

  • Basque Grand (Fullmetal Alchemist)
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