"Great artists are like great thieves, they both know how to steal peoples souls."
― Tagline (Lupin the 3rd: The Italian Adventure)

The power to absorb and/or imprison the life-force of anything or anyone into the art. Technique of Art Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Artistic Imprisonment
  • Artistic Life-Force Absorption
  • Artistic Life Force Stealing
  • Artistic Life-Force Trapping
  • Life-Force Absorption Artistry


The user can imprison any life-force, energy or aura into piece of art and obtain their abilities and appearance from them while being imprisoned. They can absorb the life-force imprisoned on the creations of art made and may enter and exit their art with no difficulties.


  • Life-Force Absorption via:
    • painting the victim and after painting the victim.
    • doing a sculpture and after the sculpture is done.
    • singing (or while making the victim sing) and after the whole song is done.
    • dancing (or while making the victim dance) and after the whole routine/choreography is done.
    • acting (or while making the victim act) and after the role-play/play is done.
    • writing (or while making the victim write) and after the writing piece is done.
  • Self-Sustenance - weaken the victim slowly and making it not able to move or do an attack.
  • One by one, all the senses will be off to usage and may/may not feel anything anymore.
  • Vampirism - kill the victim by sucking all the life-force and imprison it to the user's masterpiece.
  • Enhanced Regeneration and Age Transferal may become its benefits.
  • The life-force absorbed or stolen may or may not be altered or stolen back from the user.



  • May be limited to art user creates.
  • Must be able to perform their art or have the necessary utensils at hand.
  • May be overpowered by people who have the ability of Life-Force Absorption or simply Absorption users.
  • Limitations by Art:
    • Actors/Actress - if the victims are overwhelmed by the users of Performance Art Intuition, they may be able to deflect or negate the user of this power.
    • Dancers - if the victims are manipulated with the users of Puppet Mastery and Motor-Skill Manipulation, they may gain their strength back.
    • Painters - if the paintings that are made will be splashed with water or becomes wet, the life force trapped in them will return to the victim.
    • Sculptors - if the creations will be crashed and damaged, the life absorbed may/or may not return to the victim.
    • Singers - when someone uses Voice Manipulation and project it to the victim of this power, the victim gains back its voice and maybe able to get back its strength.
    • Writers - if the writings or novels created will be manipulated by the users of Projected Thermography, the victim may gain back its strength.

Known Users

  • Zore (Cinderella Monogatari)
  • James (Legend of the Seeker)
  • King Boo (Luigi's Mansion - Super Mario Bros.)
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