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The ability to leave the physical body and exist on a higher level.


With this ability, you can leave your body, enter a plane of higher existence, and become pure energy. When accomplished, the user gains a great deal of powers. the most obvious would be an intelligence that surpases nearly every form of physical life that would give the user the ability to create incredibly advanced technology. Users still contain their body's and can choose to switch between them when they want to.


  • Spiritual Ascension: A form of ascension involving leaving the physical body and existing as Mystic/Metaphysical Energy therfore becoming a Spirit with the ability to become corporeal.This is accomplished with the use of techniques such as meditation.
  • Evolutionary Ascension: A form involving leaving the body and becoming pure Physical Energy through the use of advanced technology or a stage in the evolutionary process.


This is the abillity to Ascend but not completely. People who have this ability still have incredible powers, but are still tied to the Physical Plane. These beings come in two different levels of power and although they are not fully ascended, they can still be considered powerful Metahumans.






  • Priors (Stargate)
  • Alterans (Stargate)
  • Ancients (Stargate)
  • Ori (Stargate)
  • Lanterans (Stargate)
  • Dr. Daniel Jackson (Stargate)
  • Athena ( God of war )
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