The power to generate the solid remains of Fire. Sub-power of Ash Manipulation. Variation of Elemental Generation.

Also Called

  • Ash Creation
  • Ash Secretion
  • Tephrogenesis


The user can generate burnt or charred matter within oneself. The user can generate three types of ash matter: solid-form, liquid-form, and gaseous-form ash. Solid-form ash it the generation of pure burnt ash matter. Liquid-form ash is the generation of wet burnt ashes. Gaseous-form ash is the generation of gaseous like state of ashes depicting a cloud dust.


  • Ash Blast
  • Ash Cloud
  • Asphyxiation through the solid remains of fire, which contains carbon.
  • Blood Clotting - the carbon remains due to combustion will fuse with one's bloodstream, forming carboxyhemoglobin which stops the blood from transporting oxygen throughout one's body.
  • Burning



  • May be limited to only generating one state of ash.
  • Cannot control generated ash.

Known Users