The power to separate the aspects of anyone/anything irreversibly. Sub-power of Separation. Advanced version of Aspect Expulsion. Not to be confused with Division.

Also Called

  • Aspect Splitting


User can separate, divide, fission, etc. the aspects of anyone/anything including personalities, powers, consciousness, etc. irreversibly/permanently. This doesn't simply divide the user into separate entities/parts but rather removes/separates aspects that make up that user instead.




  • Aspect Insertion may be able to restore separated aspects.
  • Users of Immutability may be immune.
  • Users that have aspects separated may be unable to ever reunite with them.

Known Users

  • Black Hero (Legend of the Legendary Heroes)

Known Objects

  • Hadron Collider (American Dad: The Two Hundred); caused Roger's personas to split and form separate physical entities.