The power to use the abilities and traits of atlanteans.

Also Called

  • Atlantean Mimicry
  • Homo Mermani/Mermanus (Marvel Comics)
  • Lantean Mimicry/Physiology
  • Oceanic Human Physiology


User with this ability either is or can transform into an Atlantean, inhabitant of the mythical island of Atlantis, a fabled lost Utopia (or dystopia), often described as sinking due to man's hubris and descent into decadence. As an old and excessively borrowed idea, Atlanteans and their kind are a very common in fictional universes, meaning that there is a vast variety with only the fact that they come from the same origin connecting them.

Original Atlanteans, as Plato described them, were simply humans who lived on a particularly fertile island-continent before its sinking, although as the royal family were direct descendants of the god Poseidon, they may have had some divine blood and as such may have inherited various divine powers.

Later fictional Atlanteans can be divided into two categories:

Advanced Atlanteans had advanced technology (at least compared to others) or even super-science, and were often mentally more advanced as well, possessing mental abilities. This variety may have been aliens or has moved away from Earth.

Aquatic Atlanteans survived the sinking by adapting to their new environment, outside to this they often have abilities related to water and commanding aquatic life. They tend to have more physical powers, such as superior strength and endurance.


Advanced Atlanteans

Aquatic Atlanteans




  • May be frightened/distrusting of the outsiders.

Advanced Atlanteans

  • Often rather arrogant.

Aquatic Atlanteans

  • May dehydrate while out of water.
  • May become weaker or more vulnerable without a source of water.

Known Users

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