The power to induce atrophy. Variation of Inducement. Not to be confused with Atrophy.

Also Called

  • Appendage Degeneration Inducement
  • Autophagy Inducement
  • Body Degeneration Inducement
  • Body Part Degeneration Inducement


User can induce atrophy on people and animals, causing bodies/body parts to wither and degenerate as if they have been used so much over a long period of time, making them weak and unfit and thus, putting them at a disadvantage and unable to do almost anything.



  • Inducing atrophy on vital organs can be fatal.
  • May not work on every animal or person.
  • Might accidentally kill the target if that is not what the user wanted.
  • Users of Condition Retention are immune.

Known Users


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