Ability to take internal aspects and manifest them as powers. Combination of Characteristic Power Reflection and Quality Enhancement.

Also Called

  • Enhanced Quality Reflection
  • Personal Attribute Magnification


The user can take internal aspects and manifest them as powers. For individuals with latent qualities the power activates and magnify's them several fold.


  • Analytical - have powers detailing to strategy and outcome.
  • Dominant - whatever preexistent traits are present yet dormant, magnify them several fold.
  • Preparation - obtain powers based around personal training, beliefs and solipsistic relativity.
  • Recklessness - gain abilities which offer resilience to harm or danger.
  • Technic - proclivities pertaining to mechanization of functioning systems.
  • Visceral - have aspects which serve to bolster/augment physicality.





  • Personified powers may become uncontrollable.
  • Negative qualities can be degrading towards the user.

Known Objects

  • Brew (Soul Eater)
  • Shanhara/X-O Armor (Valiant Entertainment)
  • Golden Symbiotes (Wetworks)
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