Augmented Reality Vision

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The power to see an augmented reality. Sub-power of Digital Interaction and Augmented Reality Manipulation.

Also Called

  • AR Vision
  • Augment Mode
  • Virtual Reality Immersion


The user sees an augmented reality: a live, direct or indirect, view of world that includes digital elements such as information boxes regarding places. Unlike virtual reality, the digital components are added to the world as it is, rather than replacing it with an entirely new interface. Users also are capable of seeing streams of data or digital pathways, in addition to normally invisible Digital Forms.




  • Data manipulators are capable of manipulating the information gained through this vision, either enhancing it or making it unreliable.

Known Users

See Also: Electronic Eyes

  • Uses D-Gazers (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)
    • Tron/Vetrix
    • III/Trey
    • IV/Quattro
    • V/Quinton
    • Kaito/Kite
    • Droite/Dextra
    • Gauche/Nistro
    • Luna
    • Barians
    • Barians servants
    • Orbital 7
    • Mach
  • Satou Pendragon (Death March to Parallel World Rhapsody)
  • People with Fractal Terminals (Fractale)
  • Raiden (Metal Gear)
  • Geo Stellar (Megaman Star Force)
  • Cheon Yeo Woon (Nano Machine); via Nano
  • Ghosts (Ghost Recon: Future Soldier); via CrossCom
  • Predators (AvP Universe); via their masks
  • Aiden Pearce (Watch Dogs)
  • Norman Jayden (Heavy Rain); via augmented reality glasses and ARI
  • Sherlock Holmes (BBC Shelock); via Cyber Mind and Photographic Deduction
  • Han Jee-Han (The Gamer)
  • Anti Shadow Suppression Weapons (Persona)

Known Objects

  • Neuro Linkers (Accel World)
  • Augma (Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale)
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