The ability to combine aura with physical combat. Technique of Aura Manipulation. Variation of Combat Merging and Life-Force Combat

Also Called

  • Chakra Combat
  • Muladhara
  • Spirit Energy Combat

Other Terms

  • Battle Aura
  • Ren (Hunter x Hunter)


Users of this ability are able to combine their aura with their physical combat skill, allowing them to either augment any of their body parts as well as their physical condition or simply use the aura for any other defensive or offensive purpose.



Known Users

  • Chris Gordon (Demon Accords)
  • Nen users (Hunter x Hunter)
  • Users of the Dying Will Flames (Katekyō Hitman Reborn!)
  • Users of Chakra (Naruto series)
  • Users of Aura (Noblesse)
  • Users of Aura (Pokémon series)
  • Users of Aura (RWBY)
  • User of Spirit, Demon, or Sacred Energy (Yu Yu Hakusho)