"I am the creator of all, the destroyer of all; chaos incarnate. To be possessed by me is to lose yourself completely. Mine is an existence so vast that it is beyond all comprehension..."
― Lord of Nightmares (Slayers)
"If one truly wishes to be omnipotent, then the "human" framework is merely a hindrance to that goal."
― Cal Shekar (Taboo Tattoo)
"I am creation. I am everything that ever was or will be. Take back what you destroyed. Make it whole again. You have the will. you have the power. If your desire is great enough it will be so... Then came the time of rebirth."
― Mother of Existence (Image Comics)

The power to be omnipotent over oneself. Personalized version of Omnipotence. Not to be confused with Personal Mastery. Absolute version of Self-Existence Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Absolute/Almighty/Meta/Pata/Omni/Omnipotent/Infinite/Ultimate/Godly/Divine/Boundless/Limitless/Unlimited/Total/True/Perfect/Complete Self-Existence/Self-Control/Self-Manipulation
  • Aseity
  • Personal Omnipotence
  • Self-Omnipotence/Remaking


Users are all-powerful over themselves, including their existence. They can make their existence ineffable and defiant of all laws and logic, also rewriting themselves on absolutely all levels, including structure, origin, conclusion, and many more. With absolute control over themselves, they can do essentially anything as long as it stems from their own existence, like granting oneself all powers/abilities, becoming one with everything, attaining true perfection etc.

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