The power to manipulate axioms. Sub-power of Conceptual Lordship and Logic Manipulation. Variation of Truth Manipulation. Not to be confused with Principle Manipulation.


The users can create, change or destroy entire systems of principles or concepts, either in an area or universally, which allows Logic Manipulation by changing the axioms of the underlying logic, Reality Warping by changing the basic axioms of reality, Universe Creation and Destruction by creating or destroying the underlying axioms that form the principles and concepts of existence, etc.

As axioms are things that are self-evidently and inherently true, manipulation of axioms is also a form of Truth Manipulation.




Known Users

  • Othinus (Toaru Majutsu no Index)
  • Ein Sof (Kabbalah); via tzimtzum
  • The Guvners (Planescape); via the Great Axioms
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