The ability to manipulate the axes of rotation.

Also Called

  • Axis Control
  • Axis of Rotation Manipulation
  • Axonaskinesis


The user can manipulate the three axis of rotation, the imaginary line a body rotates along, and can be external (like a planet around the sun) and internal (like a ball spinning), usually among the object or person's center of gravity. The user can re-position where the axes of rotation intersect and are located in or out of the physical body to change how they rotate. For example, if the axes of rotation are relocated to the end of the stick part of a broomstick, the broom will rotate at the end of the stick rather than the center. If the axes of rotation are moved outside the broom, the broom, in whatever position it is in, will swing around in a circle around an imaginary object.

The user is able to affect and move each axis individually as well as how easily one can rotate along that axis. They don't cause or manipulate rotation; only where it is the body rotates around.



  • May make some movements harder to do, due to the distribution of mass along the axis.
  • May be limited one or two axes.
  • Does not directly influence rotation and revolution itself.

Known Users