Power to use the habilities from basajaun/basandere. Variaton of Mythic Physiology.

Also Known

  • Basajarau/Bonjarau/Bosnerau physiology/mimicry
  • basajaun mimicry


User with this is or can transform in a Basajaun (female; basandere), a creature from the basque and aragenese mythology, associated with the agriculture. Accordin gto the leyends, are the first inhabitants of those lands found inhabiting the mountains and more remote forests.

Far from being aggressive, he was protective of the herds of sheep, and they indicated his presence with a unanimous jolt of cowbells. When a storm or the wolves approached, he would shout and whistle on the mountain to warn the shepherds. In return, the Basajaun receive as a tribute a piece of bread that they collected while the shepherds slept.

Despite what has been said, the Basajaun sometimes appear in the stories as terrifying forest men, of colossal forces with whom it was better not to meet, while in others the Basajaun appear as the first farmers and possessors of secrets of which the men learned through tricks how to grow wheat, the manufacture and use of the saw, welding, etc.



Known users

  • Basajaun (basque and aragonese myhtology)
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