The power to take on the traits of a Batibat. Mix of Vengeful Spirit and Nocturnal Spirit Physiology

Also Called

  • Batibat Mimicry


Users of this ability are either a Batibat or can mimic the traits of one, in Phillippine folklore a Batibat is a demonic creature formed from the vengeful essence of a nature-spirit whose tree has been cut down, any who sleep near the remains of the Batibat's former tree will be attacked by a grotesque, obese monster-hag who will proceed to sit on them, suffocating them and causing terrible nightmares.





  • Vulnerable to divine relics, rituals and prayers due to demonic nature.
  • Demon Slayers will be able to harm these creatures due to demonic nature.

Known Users

  • Batibat (Philippine Folklore)
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