The ability to manipulate being.

Also Called

  • Being Control


User can manipulate beings of target, whether organic or inorganic. Meaning that they can affect the events, circumstances, statuses and situation the target, things like who the user has been around all their life, if they were abused or cared for, were rich or poor, lived in a healthy or unhealthy environment, lived in a utopian or dystopian world, etc., all with possibly affecting what universe, dimension or timeline the target lives in.




  • Limited by how much raw power the user actually possesses.
  • Overpowered by Omnipotence, Omnilock, Omni-Negation and other Omnipotent Powers.
  • Basic knowledge of things, creativity and desire for things to happen are needed for the user to warp beings effectively.
  • Can be countered by powers such as Reality Warping
  • May need to perform certain actions to use the power (rhyming, writing, etc.).

Known Users

  • Zeus (Clash of the Titans)