"If you can truly believe in something, then the power of your belief will make it real. Then I know you will be able to fly into the sky, help the people dear to you and see me at anytime you want. So, please... just believe in me. Believe in me, and be a good boy.."
― Diane Thurston (Eureka Seven)

The power to alter reality by stating one's beliefs. Combination of Faithifery and Vocifery.

Also Called

  • Voci-Faithifery


The user can alter the fabric of reality by verbally stating their beliefs. For example, they could say "I believe that I will find true love" and the next moment, they fall in love.

This is different from regular Vocifery/Faithifery as the user must state the belief in the form of "I believe so-and-so", rather than flat out "You're going to die", etc. Beliefs must be stated, or else the power will not activate.

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