"Look! The rain came!"
― Ran's Grandmother (Green Legend Ran)
"Even the Garden of Eden could use a nice cleansing rain now and then."
― Ned Flanders (The Simpsons)

The power to generate blessed/beneficial rain. Variation of Rain Generation. Opposite to Lethal Rain Generation.

Also Called

  • Beneficial Rain Creation
  • Blessed Rain


User can generate blessed/beneficial rainfall, rain which can heal wounds, repair/restore broken or damaged objects, purify evil or corruptive forces, cure disease, grant life, resurrect the dead and etc.




Known Users

  • Belle (Beauty and the Beast); after breaking the Beast's enchantment
  • Mog (Final Fantasy VI); via Sun Shower and Wild Bear
  • Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Chiffon Fairchild (Freezing)
  • Rodo (Green Legend Ran)
  • Users of Life Rain (Saga Frontier)
  • Mallow (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars)
  • Annie Barrs (Tales of Rebirth)
  • Users of Healing Rain (Tales of the World)
  • Sorey (Tales of Zestiria); via borrowing Mikleo's powers
  • Amefurashi (Valkyrie Crusade)

Known Objects

  • ATOM (Toriko)

Known Locations

  • Atmosphere Garden (Toriko)


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