"Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others."
― Plato
"(reading) Until gods grow good."
"Could be quite a wait."
― Atreus and Mimir after reading some runes (God of War)

The ability to release the benevolent aspects and altruistic essence of others. Variation of Charity Inducement. Opposite to Malevolence Release.

Also Called

  • Host of Benevolence
  • Infecting Goodness
  • Infectious Good
  • Inner Good Release


The user can release the benevolent aspects and altruistic essence of another being and essentially "purify" them by having them give in to their most benevolent desires. The user brings out the best in sentient beings and can turn them into benevolent beings.




  • User may have more difficulty affecting beings with a high enough level of malevolent essence.
  • Emotionless beings may be unaffected as positive emotions must be tapped into to release benevolence.

Known Users

  • Indigo Tribe (DC Comics)
  • Thomas Kalmaku (DC Comics)
  • Ova (Miracle In Cell No. 7)
  • Memo (Miracle In Cell No. 7)
  • Zordon (Power Rangers); via sacrificing himself

Known Objects

  • Chapter White (Yu Yu Hakusho)


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