"These are the lands that are beyond the wierding wall, filled with things and places that do not exist in creation, as much as things and places have meaning beyond that which exists. Nothing is set here, there are no rules of existance, what is can change from place to place, or even change within a place, even time and space are not set here. This is a place beyond the rules of existance as we know them, and it's impossible to predict or even map, it could be called raw chaos, but even that would be giving it too much of a definition from our viewpoint."
― Lands Beyond Creation description (Nobilis)

The power to manipulate everything beyond anything.. Variation of Uncertainty Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Outer Manipulation


The user can manipulate, destroy, and create everything that is beyond anything, from beyond the universe, the multiverse, possibly even the omniverse, where time and space may not exist, and the concept of anything we know of is different there.




  • Cannot manipulate anything within the universe, multiverse, etc.

Known Users

  • Exarchs/Excrucians (Nobilis)
  • Gan (Stephen King Multiverse)
  • Foreigners (TYPE-MOON)

Known Locations

  • Lands Beyond Creation/The Land Beyond Creation (Nobilis)
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