The power to manipulate one's own bio-electric aura. Technique of Bio-Electricity Manipulation. Variation of Aura Generation.

Also Called

  • Bio-Electric Shield
  • Bio-Electric Armor
  • Bio-Electric Second Skin


User possesses and is able to manipulate their own bio-electric aura, which functions like a second skin and does not extend far from the body and can make the user invulnerable to small firearms to nuclear bombs. Without practice the aura doesn't extend far from the skin, leaving even loose clothing without protection, with practice the user can even extend the aura further out from their body to protect others.

When combined with Supernatural Strength, it allows user to lift objects much larger than themselves like mountains or cruise liners and move them without the objects buckling like physics dictate they should.





  • Water or other of liquids may short-circuit the user.
  • Users of Electricity Absorption may be able to negate the ability.

Known Users

  • Electrogenic Alphas (Alphas)
    • Brain Kessler
    • Milos Kosar
    • Jack Duffy
    • Megan Bates
  • Repeller (Batman Beyond) via ISO field generator ring Suit
  • Kryptonians (DC Comics)
  • William MacIntyre/Triumph (DC Comics)
  • Namor (Marvel Comics)
  • Maxwell Dillon/Electro (Marvel Comics)
  • Trey Rollins (Marvel Comics)
  • Electric Eels (Quake: Dissolution of Eternity)
  • The Nox (Stargate SG-1)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog Movie)

Known Objects

  • ISO Field Generator Rings (Batman Beyond)
  • Aegis/Aegis Breastplate (Marvel Comics)


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