The power to manipulate bio-generated entropy. Variation of Bio-Energy Manipulation and Entropy Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Living Entropy Manipulation
  • Bio-Stability/Instability Manipulation
  • Bio-Chaos Manipulation


The user can create, control, and manipulate bio-generated forces of entropy inside and around them. It is described as the amount of randomness, chaos, or instability in a system. Entropy can also represent heat as the higher the temperature the more random or unstable the particles.

They can control it however they please, even reversing it. This allows them to heal or damage anything they desire as manipulation of entropy gives control over stability as well.




Known Users

  • Imperiex (DC Comics)
  • Users of the Omega Effect (DC Comics)
  • Still Force Avatars (DC Comics)
    • Grodd
    • Turtle
    • Steadfast
    • Hunter Zoloman
  • The Fallen (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen)
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