The power to use a biological form of advanced technology. Combination of Biological Manipulation and Technological Constructs. Biological variation of Advanced Technology.

Also Called

  • Biological Technology
  • Organic Technology


User is advanced master of genetic-engineering, able to create complex biological systems rivaling what we call "technology". They usually belong to species whose entire civilization is literally made of engineered biomass, including weapons, vehicles, structures and even spaceships.

This alternate path proves to be extremely efficient, combining the multipurpose edge of technology to the adaptive expansionism of biology. It also grants considerable tactical advantages, as armies can be quickly produced and optimally adapted to each battlefield, and losses can be recycled just as easily.

Another key product of Bio-Technology is the Hive Mind that usually governs such a species, doubling their very high practical efficiency with global unity and optimal organization and decision-making.

As a result, all these crucial assets usually make users the most successful species of their respective setting.

Applications (Basics)

Applications (Examples)







  • Biological Manipulation may be able to stop the technology, but due to the complexity of the machine this may be difficult.

Known Users

See Also: Organic Technology.


Card Games

  • Phyrexians (Magic: The Gathering)



  • Mala'kak/Engineers (Alien/Predator)
  • Replicants (Blade Runner)
  • 90% Capacity CPH4 Users (Lucy)
  • Aliens (Independence Day)
  • Martians (Invaders From Mars 1986 remake)


Tabletop Games

  • Mi-Go (Call of Cthulhu)
  • Ta'ge (CthulhuTech); through their information providing the ability to make Tagers
  • Halflings (Dark Sun); via Life-Shaping
  • Daelkyr (Eberron); via Symbionts
  • Primordials (Exalted)
  • Bioroids (GURPS)
  • Lemurians (Rifts)
  • Elves (Spelljammer)
  • Qin (Trinity)
  • Tyranids (Warhammer 40,000)

Live Television

Web Comics

Web Original

Video Games

Known Items


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