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The power to bio-energetically manipulate weather. Variation of Bio-Energy Manipulation and Weather Manipulation. Combination of Bio-Nature Manipulation and Bio-Electromagnetic Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Bio-Atmokinesis
  • Bio-Meteorokinesis
  • Bio-Weather Modification


User can create, shape, and manipulate bio-generated weather. They can control their own electromagnetic field and the ambient electromagnetic energies around them.

This enables them to manifest and harness the natural phenomena resulting from the changes in these forces. They are able to manipulate and create the various aspects of weather. This includes control over the elemental forces connected to it such as electricity, air, temperature, etc. The user is also attuned to the weather. They can sense, communicate, and connect with the meteorological events that take place as well as the environment around them.

Their power is not limited to the weather on planets such as Earth, but extends towards cosmic weather in space and beyond even that. At higher levels of mastery, they can even manipulate the sources of the electromagnetic energies that cause these natural events in the first place, the energy of the sun and stars themselves.




Known Users

  • Nine (My Hero Academia)
  • Mark Mardon (DC Comics)
  • Jackam Mardon (DC Comics)
  • Katu Kath (Marvel Comics)
  • Ororo Munroe (Marvel Comics)