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"Idiot! You won't even tread water against what I created, because unlike you, he won't rely on gears or computer chips. He'll be purely bio-mechanical."
― Dr. Gero in regards to Cell (Dragon Ball Z)

The power to use the abilities of a biodroid or a biomechanical being. Sub-power of Bio-Technology. Variation of Artificial Physiology. Biological counterpart of Android Physiology. Not to be confused with Clone Physiology or Technorganic Physiology.

Also Called

  • Bioengineered Life-Form
  • Bioengineered Physiology
  • Biological Android Physiology
  • Biomachine/Biomechanical Physiology
  • Biomechanical Android (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Biological/Organic Technology
  • Bioengineered Life-Form Physiology
  • Synthroid (Marvel Comics)
  • Purely Organic Machinery Physiology


The user either is or can transform into a Biodroid; an bioengineered life-form designed to be a perfect form of organic being resembling actual life created through either artificial bio-technology or a blend of both the biological and technological, while staying in the organic form, capable of being anything their makers wish for them to be having perfectly organic and programmable status that grants them all of their necessary and perfectly designed organic material to make them perfectly functional life-forms.

Much like their mechanical counterpart android, biodroids are artificially created being but are purely organic with bio-programmable biology (completely divorced from the common weaknesses from its counterpart such as EMP, computer viruses or hacking), physiology, appearance, personality, etc, of being anything their makers designs them to be from entities enhanced with anything they need for any given purpose they were programmed for.






  • Biodroids are susceptible to weaknesses in relation to organic or even human weaknesses.
  • Once created, makers may not be able to be reprogrammed due to being organic.
    • Even so, they may fall victim to their own programming.
  • Because of their biological nature, user have the same qualities any biological life form.
  • Many biodroids can develop actual genetic instability.
  • Biodroids May fall victims to their own programming.
  • May fall victim to Bio-Tech Manipulation, Technorganic Manipulation or Biological Manipulation.
  • Unlike Androids, which cannot be detected by abilities like Chi Detection; since biological androids are technically alive, they don’t have this advantage.

Known Users

See Also: Meat-Sack Robot and Wetware Body.