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Mortal Reminder616 Mortal Reminder616 19 minutes ago

Error 404 - Eragon

Name: Eragon Khaos

Species: Lamian Dragonkin (Lamian/Dragon Hybrid)

Gender: Male

Height: 5ft 10in

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Mortal Reminder616 Mortal Reminder616 45 minutes ago

Error 404 - Dragon Chronicles Story

  • 1 Main Story
  • 2 Countries-
    • 2.1 Livrecester (liv-er-ses-ter)-
    • 2.2 Basenby (baz-in-bee)-
    • 2.3 Solstead-
    • 2.4 Ehlv Myos (my-ohs)-
    • 2.5 Cantons (can-tons) of Kubehr (koo-bear)-
    • 2.6 Ruined Cities-
  • 3 Kandak (Con-dak)-
  • 4 Trivia-

This story starts with three Teens after a cataclysmic global event called The Effacement. It was disclosed to the public as a neurological disease that killed all people aged 24 & older and left people 23 & younger to run society. Our protagonists have come together from all over the world to the city of Buffalo Rush to attend Kandak, the Global Protectorate Academy. Here all kids ages 16 to 19 are invited to learn how to protect all of Kepler from threats natural and or manmade. As they grew up, they're powers gradually manifested like most ot…

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RyanKraftBR RyanKraftBR 12 hours ago

Weaponry Master

Little is known about the bloodthirsty assassin known as Rose Blackgrave, the Weaponry Master. But, rumor has it that she was raised by a samurai mentor who taught her the Demon's Fighting Style making her an extremely skilled mercenary who strikes terror in the hearts of others.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Powers and Abilities
    • 3.1 Abilities
  • 4 Weaknesses
  • 5 Weapons & Paraphernalia
  • 6 Trivia

Rose is a slender woman of average height with lightly tanned white skin, with accentuated muscles reminiscent of a professional athlete. Her main notable feature is her long silver hair and a blade-shaped scar running over her right eye, who are red.

Her outfit consists on a dark red scarf, and a black mask that covers the mouth, with a dark-grey shirt with some light-grey…

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Roneelnewton1900 Roneelnewton1900 1 day ago

Unique Physiology

The power to possess a unique or abnormal physiological makeup. Sub-power of Uniqueness. Variation of Superpowered Physiology.

  • 1 Also Called
  • 2 Capabilities
  • 3 Applications
  • 4 Applications
  • 5 Variation
  • 6 Associations
  • 7 Limitations
  • 8 Known Users
  • 9 Gallery

  • Abnormal Anatomy/Physiology
  • Exceptional Anatomy/Physiology
  • Unique Anatomy

The user possesses unique physiology, a term used to describe the nature of some characters to have certain advantages over normal human beings. It reflects a character's biological heritage, maybe from the evolution of their species over the centuries. It has adapted physical characteristics that make them more superior, as in a character's biological make-up, no matter how similar it may be in appearance to there kind. Granting the user some…

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Ludwigkoopa7000 2.O Ludwigkoopa7000 2.O 3 days ago


  • 1 Backstory
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Appearance
  • 4 Powers and Abilities
  • 5 Main Weapon
  • 6 Weaknesses
  • 7 Extra Info

Kris back then was a very insecure. He didn't think he had the spirit to be a hero or to protect anyone. Kris felt this way until he met his now best friend Carol. Carol was always very supportive of him. She encouraged him to follow his dreams of becoming a hero. Kris over time started to break down those walls he built on his own. Through the cause of his past bullies was the reason why he felt insecure. Kris is 32 years old now and Kris is a full blown hero. He became far more confident in himself as well as others. Kris now seems to be unbreakable emotionally. Even though Kris still feels a bit insecure but he is getting better every day.

Kris back t…

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Mortal Reminder616 Mortal Reminder616 4 days ago

Error 404 - Arcanism

  • 1 Description-
  • 2 Glyph Types-
    • 2.1 Elemental Glyphs-
    • 2.2 Generation Glyphs-
    • 2.3 Projection Glyphs-
    • 2.4 Replication Glyphs-
    • 2.5 Enhancement Glyphs-
    • 2.6 Affecting Glyphs-
  • 3 Casts & Phrases-
  • 4 Arcane Equipment-
  • 5 Trivia-

Aracanisim is the study & collective practices dealing with the Glyphs which is an esoteric language of unknown origin that grants the users preternatural powers & knowledge. To bring about its power, one has to know/learn the language to preform casts & phrases. The knowledge users of attain is usually of powerful esoteric objects/creatures/entities. This form of power isn't easy to use mid combat & is hard mix it with physical combat but few have managed to do so. This system is commonly used by non Sages with who desire Esoteric power. Due to th…

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Bfields5 Bfields5 4 days ago

Angelic Competence

The powers to possess the celestial talent of angels. Powered by Angelic Source. Sub-power of Angel Physiology. Variation of Hypercompetence and Omnicompetence Not to be confused with just Talent Embodiment

  • 1 Also Called
  • 2 Capabilities
  • 3 Applications
  • 4 Associations/Relationships

  • Angelic Skills
  • Celestial Talent
  • The Skills and Talents Angels

Superheroes’s Are Based of Angels and Fallen Angels of The Holy Bible so Whatever Is Your Favorite Character Whether Overpowered or Not They Are 100% a Direct Copy of Angels Whether Intelligence or Straight Up Powerhouse  

A part of angels' celestial divine nature is that they are innately supremely immensely talented and gifted at nigh-infinite level as part of their natural celestial divine perfection …. They posses…

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Ludwigkoopa7000 2.O Ludwigkoopa7000 2.O 4 days ago

My Superhuman Race

I have already made info about my superhuman race. Here it is right here.

I will tell you more do that strange force was actually caused by the supreme being. Wanting humans to be more powerful then what they are. Superhumans gain their powers through their genetics. Just like quirks from My Hero Academia their powers work thourgh some form of biological function. Physical powers tend to work with the muscles like super strength. Will conceptual powers tend to work through the mind. Like reality warping for example. All superhumans have at least one side effect when they overused their power.

Superhumans can be born with any type of power expect for magical powers. Some superhumans are …

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Smijes08 Smijes08 4 days ago

Archetype:Powerful Bystander

The archetype of a character who doesn't/can't intervene and fix a situation despite being completely capable of doing so.

  • 1 Properties
  • 2 Associated Powers
  • 3 Relationships
  • 4 Flaws/Weaknesses
  • 5 Example Characters
  • 6 Gallery

The character is a "powerful bystander", a being who can easily resolve situations through their vast power, but for various reasons do not do so. The reasons may vary, but are generally because they are forbidden from directly interfering.

  • Balance Preservation
  • Omnineutrality

  • Guardianship: Powerful bystanders are often a type of guardian.

  • Interference may come at a great cost, such as the character's depowerment or even death.

See also: All-Powerful Bystander, Alien Non-Interference Clause, and God's Hands Are Tied

  • Angels (Dragon Ball series…

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Ludwigkoopa7000 2.O Ludwigkoopa7000 2.O 6 days ago

The Evil Child

  • 1 Backstory
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Personality
  • 4 Powers and Abilities
  • 5 Weaknesses
  • 6 Other information

The evil child is the son of the current Dark Soul. He has a human mother that is immortal and can not die. The evil child feel like he was different. He felt like he came from a different reality right before it was remade. The evil child remembered being the youngest of the group and he had no parents. Like he came from another dimension. Anyways his father saw the potential in his son. Who is named Samuel. Samuel knew that his father was aiming for a tyrannical rule but Samuel wanted chaos and for order to be completely destroyed. He wanted a party that never ends. Samuel often cause mischief for other people always causing harm to them. Samuel was planni…

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