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Ludwigkoopa7000 2.O Ludwigkoopa7000 2.O 1 day ago

Evil Version Of Me

I know it's wrong and my past doesn't excuse my actions. I mean look at yourself other me. You went through the same thing as me and your turned out somewhat great but the first time I stood up to her and got my revenge. I felt so alive! Now here I am putting my anger on to you and this pitiful world!

  • 1 Backstory
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Personality
  • 4 Powers and Abilities
  • 5 Weaknesses
  • 6 Trivia

This version of me practically has the exact same backstory as my good self insert but with a different outcome. After long lines of abuse his will wasn't strong enough he let his inner demons take control over him. After a long line of abuse he finally snapped and began to train his powers even further in private so he can have revenge on every demon that treated him wrong…

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Mortal Reminder616 Mortal Reminder616 4 hours ago

New Frontier - World

  • 1 Description-
  • 2 Planes-
  • 3 Countries-
    • 3.1 U.S. Conglomerate-
    • 3.2 East-Asian Federation-
    • 3.3 Central American Empires-
    • 3.4 European United-
  • 4 Planets-
    • 4.1 Earth-
    • 4.2 Fularis-
    • 4.3 Orion-
    • 4.4 Terra-
    • 4.5 Absulom-
    • 4.6 Axon-
    • 4.7 Planet X-
    • 4.8 Savitor-
  • 5 Means of Power-
    • 5.1 Birthright/Talents-
    • 5.2 Knowledge-
    • 5.3 Vestige-
  • 6 Species-
    • 6.1 In Species Variations-
    • 6.2 Quasi-States of Beings-
  • 7 Society-
  • 8 Trivia-

This is a nexus world, meaning it is one of the focal points of the omniverse that exists to maintain balance. This world was created in a cataclysmic event known as The Collapse where a creation of Tempest seeked to destroy his multiverse but multiple of Tempest’s other creations bounded multiple universes together into a nexus earth.

It is stated by Tempest that the boundaries of this world b…

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ElectronicLL ElectronicLL 7 hours ago

Bio-Electric Aura (Revamped)

The power to surround oneself in bio-electricity. Sub-power of Bio-Electricity Manipulation. Variation of Aura Generation and Electric Aura.

  • 1 Also Called
  • 2 Capabilities
  • 3 Applications
  • 4 Associations
  • 5 Limitations
  • 6 Known Users
  • 7 Known Objects
  • 8 Gallery

  • Bio-Electrokinetic Aura/Area/Field
  • Living Electricity Aura/Area/Field

The user can surround themselves with bio-electricity, using electricity from themselves to cover their entire body. The user can manipulate their bio-electric aura for offensive and defensive techniques the user can conceive using bio-electricity. For defensive tactics, the user can harden the bio-electricity to construct an "exoskeleton," safeguarding them from incoming threats. Depending on how durable the user makes the exoskeleton, they …

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Xela tabs Xela tabs 14 hours ago

full energy planet

  • 1 a full energy planet
    • 1.1 appearance
    • 1.2 size
    • 1.3 moons
    • 1.4 mountains and volcans
    • 1.5 energy generated for the planet

a planet with enormous power, unlike other planets, this one is very different

This planet has a quite surprising appearance, since it is a planet with more than 60% land and 40% water, possessing a large landmass.

The size of this planet is, to say the least, surprisingly immense, perhaps the largest planet in the entire universe.

Its size is without a doubt something unprecedented, its size was calculated from sending a spacecraft, the spacecraft used goes at a speed of 10000 kilometers per second, with that speed it should travel around Jupiter in just over 3.3 seconds (due to the acceleration that increases 100 kilometers every 0.02 …

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Kayde8 Kayde8 17 hours ago

Science Magic

The ability to use science magic or sorcery. Form of Magic. Variation of Science Manipulation. Not to be confused with Science-Magic Mixture.

  • 1 Also Called
  • 2 Capabilities
  • 3 Applications
  • 4 Associations

  • Scientimancy

The user is able to perform a form of magic that allows the user to control science through magic and spells. Users of this magic can manipulate both mystical and physical forces alike with accomplishing extraordinary feats, like control over magic, practices and otherworldly laws/rules, even ascendance beyond science and magic.

  • Antimatter Magic
  • Biological Magic
    • Animal Magic
    • Blood Magic
    • Body Magic
    • Bone Magic
    • Disease Magic
    • Evolutionary Magic
    • Pheromone Magic
    • Plant Magic
  • Chemical Magic
    • Elemental Magic
    • Inorganic Magic
    • Matter Magic
    • Potion Creation
    • Potion Amplific…

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Ludwigkoopa7000 2.O Ludwigkoopa7000 2.O 1 day ago

Negative Team 6

These versions of Team 6 are evil alternate versions of ourselves. Looking at the original material we didn't had that much challenge. Aside from a couple of arcs. So I made evil versions of Team 6 that will also give them a challenge. Being the overarching antagonist. (Work in progress)

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Mjt017 Mjt017 1 day ago

Internal Self Combustion

The power to generate and control one's internal combustion process. Variation of Self Combustion.

  • 1 Also Called
  • 2 Capabilities
  • 3 Applications
  • 4 Techniques
  • 5 Associations
  • 6 Limitations
  • 7 Known Users

  • Internal Fire Manipulation
  • Internal Self-Ignition/Immolation
  • Personal Internal Combustion
  • Spontaneous Internal Combustion
  • Tactile Internal Combustion
  • Voltage Nova

The user can create and control an internal self-combustion process within themselves. This is essentially an inversion of spontaneous human combustion. The user focuses their internal energy to begin the process, igniting them from the inside. As a result, their body is pyrokinetically enhanced. They may even be compared to a furnace. They can channel the internally produced energies towards any part of …

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Mortal Reminder616 Mortal Reminder616 1 day ago

New Frontier - Jade

  • 1 Information-
  • 2 Personality-
  • 3 Skills-
    • 3.1 Stats-
    • 3.2 Traits-
    • 3.3 Intellect-
    • 3.4 Tactician-
    • 3.5 Other Skills-
  • 4 Powers-
    • 4.1 Stats-
    • 4.2 Harbinger of Mastodon-
    • 4.3 Marvel/Meta-Sapien Power-
  • 5 Relationships-
  • 6 Trivia-





Species: Chaotix Harbinger, Human Esper

Ethnicity: Black

Theme Song:

Might: Bruh

(Coming Soon)

(Coming Soon)

Over All Abilities:

  • Intellect: Class 3
  • Perception: Class 3

  • Legendary Status:
  • Anti-Hero:
  • Adventurer:
  • Academic Alpha:
  • Power-Skill Combo:
  • Genius:
  • Trickster:

Supernatural Intellect:

  • Accelerated Thought Process
    • Accelerated Perception
    • Accelerated Probability
  • Encyclopedic Knowledge
  • Maximum Brain Capacity
    • Maximum Concentration Capacity
  • Multitasking
  • Supernatural Perception
  • Supernatural Wits

  • Tactile Genius:
  • Business Mastery:
    • Administration Mastery
    • Econom…

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Mortal Reminder616 Mortal Reminder616 1 day ago

New Frontier - Lords

Lords are beings who have attained a personal domain like that of a Titan without gaining the physiology of a Titan. While they aren’t Titans completely, they are referred to as Titans.

Lords have a sphere of influence & domain they can warp at will. They gain the omniscience in their sphere as soon as they gain the power. One can become a Lord by killing a Titan or other Lord, or stealing the power of the Titan or other Lord.

  • Xenobeast - Lord of Monsters & Energy
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Mortal Reminder616 Mortal Reminder616 1 day ago

New Frontier - Regents

Regents are a collective group of high ranking officials that over see some part or aspect of the world/universe/multiverse. These aspects can vary; the crime, underworld, caste interactions, etc. Essentially they are Dark Lords or Bright Lords.

It should be known that their influence is proportional to their actual Might, thus making Regents very powerful.

These Regents are divided into classes to identify level & said level often correlates to their Might level.

  • Count/Countess is a Regent of a city.
  • King/Queen is a Regent of a country
  • Monarch is a Regent of a world.
  • Emperor/Empress is a Regent of a universe
  • Sultan is Regent of a multiverse.

  • Xenobeast - Sultan of Monsters
  • Shadow Shogun - Emperor of Lamians
  • King Boi - Emperor of Mazokus
  • Jade - Sultan of Es…

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