• Noiceboi18


    This Blog will give more information about Nephalem. before we begin i must inform that we must know about Angels and Demons first.

    Angel are Offspring From Divine Beings and Holy Energy while in the other hand Demons are Offspring from Dark Beings and Demonic Energy. Also. a Soul is really resiliant. a way to weakened a soul from Angel/Demon/Nephalem. you must attack the Physical body of it to make the soul get weaker and be easy to destroy it. if the soul is destroyed. no matter how strong. the Angel/Demon/Nephalem will die because they are spiritual beings. (if it's an Absolute Immortal it wont die. not even if the soul is destroyed)

    Angels Life Cycle:

    • Spark: …

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  • MrNatmax


    January 31, 2019 by MrNatmax


    Epithet Metal Left
    Alignment Neutral
    Race Fennec
    Laterality Left Handed
    Gender Male
    Age 29
    Birthday ???
    Blood Type ???
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Arabia
    Affiliation T.H.S (Thaumaturge herbalist society)
    Occupation Thaumaturge
    Base of Operations Amazonic Forest
    Family Yes
    Favorite Food Apples
    Hair Color ???
    Eye Color ???
    Height 173 cm
    Weight 66 Kg
    Power Magic
    Hobbies Researching
    Forte in sports None
    Weapon Staff
    Fighting style



    Born in Arabia he moved around the ocident with his family learning about magic, until his 16 years, when he started traveling alone and studying more about magic, he does not like the dark arts but in his studies discovered a lot about it and added some things that might be useful on his Grimmore


    Calm, Key…

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  • Comicman100

    me and a lot of my friends have this argument on who would win in a battle to the death.batman or spider prep time,in the middle of brooklyn new york,base gear and friends say batman but i say that the wall crawler would win.

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  • Omni2583

    all my powers

    January 18, 2019 by Omni2583
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  • DeveloperMeh

    Test Character

    January 16, 2019 by DeveloperMeh
    "As my predecessor always said, always be ready for the worst.." -- Tom Matter

    Name: Tom Daniel Matter

    Alignment: True Hero

    Aliases: Tommy, Matterite, Nexus

    Job(s): Scientist, Computer Technician, Mercenary


    Solid Merging - As he was in the underworld for many millenniums, Tom managed to pick up some abilities from other Banished citizens, and eventually managed to finally merge into solids, making it easy for hidden takedowns and combat.

    Dark Light Manipulation and White Light Manipulation - Tom originally got the 'White Light' from his father, Nexus Prime, but when he was corrupted by the Unkn0wn, he managed to unconsciously learn, 'Dark Light'. To the present day, he can still use those powers (combined), but can only focus on a specific po…

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  • Fatcats19

    The guardian of justice, Balancing the Scales of Justice, Libra, is one of the twelve Zodiac Generals. He serves as a judge for the Crusaders of the Constellations. Appropriately, he was a lawyer who was offered a place in the Aether realm's university to study the laws of the various dimensions, to prepare him for a dimensional war against an entity of evil bent on destruction.

    Libra appears as a well-dressed lawyer in the mortal realm. One can tell that he is a dimensional warrior from the stars by the twinkling lights in his eyes. He looks stern and unyielding, with his piercing gaze, and his hair is gray, giving an appearance of a man who could see into your soul. He carries a briefcase wherever he goes, and would not show its contents …

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  • Xbone20


    January 1, 2019 by Xbone20

    Insert Character's name here

    Epithet ???
    Alignment ???
    Race ???
    Laterality ???
    Gender ???
    Age ???
    Birthday ???
    Blood Type ???
    Personal Data
    Birthplace ???
    Affiliation ???
    Occupation ???
    Base of Operations ???
    Family ???
    Favorite Food ???
    Hair Color ???
    Eye Color ???
    Height ???
    Weight ???
    Power Keep it brief
    Hobbies ???
    Forte in sports ???
    Weapon ???
    Fighting style ???

    Insert Character's name here

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  • Jaie X Antoniano

    Cain Harvard

    December 24, 2018 by Jaie X Antoniano
    "You are already caught on my wires."
    ― Cain Harvard
    Name: Cain Harvard
    Alias: The Silver Reaper, Cain the Silver Wire, Silver Slicer, Clean Freak, The Silver Perfectionist.
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    "I will slice you cleanly that people will be in awe how clean your sliced body parts are."
    "Let's do this but please..DONT dirty my clothes."
    ====Wire Manipulation: Cain can freely generate and manipulate metallic wires, the wires lenght is 200ft or 61 or 70m. Can freely manipulate the lenght of the wire as long as it didn't reach its limits.====


    Cain Harvard was born in the city of Seoul,Korea. He was born from a loving family. He always cleans everything and always sorts everything in order, Cain had OCD and was alwa…

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  • Jaie X Antoniano

    Joseph Greenwood

    December 22, 2018 by Jaie X Antoniano
    "Reveal you're Darkside."
    ― Joseph Greenwood
    'Name: 'Joseph Greenwood
    Alias: The Trickster, Shadows of Evil
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Archetype: Clever Crows, Gentleman Snarker, 
    Hobbies: Tricking People, Being a Gentleman
     Darkside View: Joseph can force or manipulate people's mind in facing their evil side or dark side. It can also bring the darkside of the person into a living being. The darkside of the person is 10x more powerful than him.
    Joseph Greenwood was once a well known psychologist, he knew people's dark side and continue to help them. He was rich, handsome and  a gentleman . One day, he was in a scandal, and lost his job, murdered in an alley ny a mugger. He woken up in a strange white room where he met a man in a sui…
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  • AtomicSwagBloke


    December 18, 2018 by AtomicSwagBloke

    Insert Character's name here

    Epithet Warmonger
    Alignment Chaotic Neutral
    Race Infinity Being
    Laterality Right
    Gender Male
    Age 1420
    Birthday 31st of Halloween
    Blood Type AB+
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Omega Realm
    Affiliation Council of Infinity
    Occupation War Monger
    Base of Operations Nomadic; (Formerly) Citadel of Kaos
    Family Kaos
    Favorite Food Raw Meat
    Hair Color Crimson 
    Eye Color Purple
    Height 2’12”
    Weight 156kg
    Power Accelerated Healing Factor
    Hobbies Causing Warfare

    Weapon Infamy
    Fighting style Inte

    Daniel Forbes

    Daniel typically appears in times of warfare. He was sired by Kaos, however he has no mother to speak of. He has traversed the Multiverse to gain knowledge about it. The Dark Gods aren’t enemies of his, but they aren’t his allies ei…

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