• Raffe Ace Uchiha

    Hello you have noticed the title says PART 1 cause summing up all of the other reindeer gods/goddesses would be too much. Anyways I will be listing the 12 Olympians and a few other notable deity.

    As you see, the Greek Gods were a bunch of jerkasses and did a lot of good/evil/horrbile/etc. things. Heck in Ancient Greece if you wanna die just piss the gods off in any possible way and a bolt of lightning incinerates you. Anyway moving on...

    King of the Greek Gods. He was known for his affairs with a lot of woman (some of these women were his descendants). He mostly depicted as a white bearded man with a Thunderbolt on his hand like an arrow.

    • Electrical Manipulation- Probably the Patron god of all Electrokinetics, He is best known for his sig…

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  • Raffe Ace Uchiha

    This post will be about the 7 Deadly Sins and the powers that correspond to them. For those of you who do not know what the 7 Deadly Sins are they are:

    • Pride- arrogance, thinking you're the greatest
    • Envy- jealousy over other people's fortune
    • Wrath- anger and wishing to hurt
    • Sloth- laziness and doing nothing about anything
    • Greed- selfishness and wanting more than enough
    • Gluttony- taking things and wasting them
    • Lust: wanting pleasure and amusement

    Pride is said to be the worst sin of all as a person filled with Pride will never even admit their sin as they think they are too perfect to even do anything wrong.

    • Corresponding Power: Illusion Manipulation
    • Reason: the Arrogant thinks so that s/he is great at everything but it's not true just like an Illusi…

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  • RnR

    Which earth sub power do you think would do better in a fight? Sand or crystals?

    With sand Manipulation, you'll be able to control the desity a pressure,making it as heavy as a rock. You can create devastating sandstorms and quicksands that can tear the flesh from your enemie's bones, as well as make your battle field crumble into sand and drain the moisture out of any living thing. However, if coming in contacted with water or blood, the sand hardens and becomes breakable.

    With crystal manipulation you can control any form of rare gemstones and shape them into weapons or projectiles. You use them to make sheilds to defend yourself from lasers and reflective them. Create sharps pillars and impale your forces from the inside. However, it may …

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  • Dan Tennyson


    August 2, 2011 by Dan Tennyson

    If you could choose, which three powers would you have? Say in the comments, and maybe (just maybe!) i'll draw something you could look like.

    Don't let the sunshine spoil your rain, Just stand up and complain! 15:54, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Raffe Ace Uchiha

    The Undead creatures that have risen from the grave to terrorize the living, it is common to see the Undead as the 'forces of Evil'. We saw them in many Movies, Videogames and TV Shows. I've decided to list some of these Undead and their abilities in this Blog Post.

    The personification of Death. He (She in some other media) may be either Good and is simply doing his/her job of sending souls to the Afterlife, or Evil wants to devour the living. S/He can control the aspects of death and to some extention life as well. The Personification of Death may be regarded as a cosmic force.

    • Shape-Shifting: Death may take on a normal form as Death may have no real form or has an incomprehensional form that can kill.
    • Death Inducement: if Death is evil then…

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  • Ihu

    So Wizard Ace has done a bunch of blog posts so far about what powers various figures of Egyptian and Greek myth would have, and has kindly let me do a Norse version. Norse mythology is one of my favourites, but then again, I like most myths.

    Because there's already a wealth of material which, if I'm not careful, many might say I'm copying, I'm going to try and be as different from the Marvel comics as possible, but there may be a bit of...overlap. Here goes:

    The father of Thor, Balder and the others, King of Asgard and all the Gods, Odin was said to have sacrificed one of his own eyes, hung himself from a tree to gain knowledge, and be the victor of thousands of battles.

    • Enhanced senses - To make up for his lost eye, his other senses might b…

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  • Raffe Ace Uchiha

    Hey again, and I will be recontinuing The Greek Gods, this time it will be about the Titans and several notable gods/goddesses.

    The first gods were Gaia and Ouranos aka Mother Earth and Father Heaven. Their kids, the Titans usurped Ouranos and locked the rest of the other kids Gaia and Ouranos had. Later on the Titans get usurped themselves by their kids the Olympians. (Apparently Karma is screwing around with them.)

    • Geokinesis- Cause massive earthquakes open volcanis rifts from the ground. It's said that she would often manifest in a humanoid form of Soil, Earth and Trees.
    • Plant Manipulation- all plants in the world came from her. She can create plant life at will.
    • Dimensional Storage- she hid all her monster children within her, to save them f…

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  • SleepCity


    July 28, 2011 by SleepCity

    This is one of the funnest sites around. I have always been drawn toward super powers and the like and am glad to see a site so dedicated to them.

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  • Ultimatehero


    August 4, 2011 by Ultimatehero

    I created a fanon wiki for superpowers. The superpowers are called stupidpowers. Please come, and the best people will be made a moderator. It is very low now, but when more people come, it will become as great as this wiki.

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  • JoePlay

    Over at the Marvel Database, Wikia is giving away a fantastic Comic-Con Exclusive Prize Pack. Enter now!

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