• NicoKnees123

    Name: Honoka Kousaka

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Birthday: August 3

    Hair color: Ginger

    Eye color: Blue

    Height: 157cm

    Blood type: O

    Favorite food: Strawberries

    Least favorite food: Bell peppers

    Magical girl color: Orange

    Powers: Light Manipulation, Light Element Manipulation, Light Generation

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  • Fatcats19

    A dolphin-themed Crusader of the Constellations originating from an aquatic dimension, this warrior uses her stellar powers of water to protect the oceans and the creatures that dwell in it and depend on it to survive.

    The Dolphin Dancer in her mortal form is a lean, athletic woman in an aqua blue dress with wave patterns on it. She has blue hair and eyes and is quite graceful in movement. Her hairpin has a dolphin design to it. She can be seen near beaches cleaning up trash left there and in a boat in the ocean conversing with sea creatures. 

    When she enters Crusader form, she dons dolphin-themed armor that is gray-blue, with the creature's head on her torso, fins on her gauntlets, helm, and back, and a dolphin tail. The saber, Ocean's Wrat…

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  • Penetreringgazelle

    Rex MacAuliffe

    December 15, 2018 by Penetreringgazelle

    Rex macAuliffe

    Epithet Ace (Hacker name)
    Alignment Chaotic good
    Race Human
    Laterality Ambidextrous
    Gender Male
    Age 27
    Birthday 12th January
    Blood Type AB-
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Belfast, North-Ireland
    Affiliation Ch1m3r4s (superhuman hacking group)
    Occupation Hacker, Vigilante
    Base of Operations Chicago, IL
    Family Unnamed father, Sarah MacUliffe, (mother), Lucy MacAuliffe (sister)
    Favorite Food Pasta Bolognese
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Red
    Height 6"2
    Weight 170.5

    Digital Manipulation/Hacking Intuition


    Hobbies Singing, video games, Reading, Hacking
    Forte in sports in Baseball; Pitcher, in Football; Snapper
    Weapon Bare fists, The Chicago grid
    Fighting style Western Boxing 

    Before we …

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  • ShiverCold64

    Shiver Kayne

    December 9, 2018 by ShiverCold64

    Shiver Kayne


    Alignment Good
    Race Caucasian
    Species Human
    Laterality Right
    Gender Male
    Age 15
    Birthday December 11, 2003
    Blood Type B
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Cheshire, England
    • The Resistance

    Occupation Member
    Base of Operations Resistance's Base

    Rhia Kayne - Mother                      Yuki Kayne - Twin Sister   

    Favorite Food

    Hair Color Kobicha Brown
    Eye Color Amber
    Height 131cm (4'2'')
    Weight  kg ( lbs)
    • Pyrokinesis

    • Playing Piano

    Weapon None
    Fighting Style None

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  • Jaie X Antoniano

    Chiyo Shinimi

    December 8, 2018 by Jaie X Antoniano
    "All these people crying and shit. Really gets into my nerves."
    Chiyo Shinimi
    Name: Chiyo Shinimi

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Archetype: Complete Monster, Enfant Terrible,  Evil Gloating,  Eviler Than Thou

    Hobbies: Hurting and Killing People, Causing Chaos and Mayhem and other evil sociopathic things and also blowing stuff up. (Having FUN!!)


    " Fun is a point of view."

    " Aaannndddd.... BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!!. "


    Volatile Constructs: Chiyo can make launch bombs from small explosions to nuclear blast that can obliterate everyone.


    Chiyo Shinimi was born Nagasaki, Japan and was raised by an abusive parents. He was supposed to have a little brother who died because of him, Chiyo was playing with his brother in the street when his …

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  • Jaie X Antoniano

    Dean Anderson

    November 29, 2018 by Jaie X Antoniano
    "May God have mercy upon my enemies because I won't."
    ― Dean Anderson
    Name: Dean Anderson
    Aliases: Mr. Genesis
    Occupation: Founder and leader of Blackout
    Archetypes: Card-Carrying Villain, Card-Carrying Villain, Complete Monster, Dimension Lord
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    "I am the man who holds reality like a toy, so you better watch out."
    "I see you want to stop ]me, dont worry try and try until you DIE!, i guess."
    ====Reality Warping: Dean can literally warp and manipulate reality like some sort of toy. Dean is a Master-Level Users, so he is literally powerful that he manipulate and warps logic with ease.====


    Dean Anderson was a normal office worker who was tricked by his manager into filing a contract to be a test subject. Th…

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  • Jaie X Antoniano

    Larry Peterson

    November 29, 2018 by Jaie X Antoniano
    "You Don't Scare me, You're Just a Cockroach ready to be step on."
    ― Larry Peterson
    Name: Larry Peterson/Azazel
    Alias: Diablo, Red Hooded Devil, The Vessel of Azazel
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Archetypes: Adaptational Villainy, Chronic Villainy, Enfant Terrible
    " I didn't want this but you did, with your so called justice and heroic
    " Apologize? Huh? Do you think I would do that, what do you think happened to people who always see's the good in others, They always DIE! "


    • ====Demonic Aura: Larry can surround himself in demonic energy, increasing his powers and abilities.====
    • ====Demonic Attacks: Larry can used a wide variety of attacks by using demonic energy.====
    • ====Demonic Combat: By combining Demonic Attacks by this, Larry can …

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  • Jaie X Antoniano

    Aizawa Haruto

    November 29, 2018 by Jaie X Antoniano
    " Everything is shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits. "
    ― Haruto
    Name: Haruto Aizawa

    Allignment: True Neutral

    Aliases: Haruto the Cheater, Cynical Nature


     The Cynic, Byronic Hero, Combat Pragmatist, Good Is Not Nice. Good Is Not Soft, Grumpy Bear, Jerk with a Heart of Gold

    Occupations: University Student


    Listening to Music(Metal Songs), Sleeping, and Cheating(At Class and Fights)


    " Feed your own ego, I'm Busy."

    " Obviously you have mistaken me for somebody who gives a shit. "

    " You winning at something is like a 50/50 chance of others just being really bad. "


    Environment Manipulation: Haruto can freely manipulate the environment in his vicinity. Due to years of mastering his powers, Haruto can now freely mani…

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  • Not as bad as condiment man



    Alignment Hero
    Race Human
    Laterality ???
    Gender Male
    Age                              ???
    Birthday July 19th 
    Blood Type O-
    Personal Data
    Birthplace A small village
    Affiliation hero
    Occupation None
    Base of Operations None

    Annalise Smith

    Marion Smith

    Favorite Food Lizard cupcakes
    Hair Color Green (To honor dead brother)
    Eye Color Blue (wears brown contact to honor sister)
    Height 4ft 8in
    Weight ???
    Power Power randimization that give him 3 random powers 
    Hobbies Gaming
    Forte in sports None
    Weapon Bo staff, . trank gun, Daggers, Pistol
    Fighting style ???
    Theme Randomness

    Benjamin Smith

    • He also goes by cupcake lizard bannana wizard
    • Everytime he gets a power he is more likely to get it 
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  • TheGrimBoi12

    Henlo friens

    November 27, 2018 by TheGrimBoi12

    It is I, a grim boi who’s super edgy and depressed. I hope we can be friends uwu

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