1. My first reaction would be "Is this dream or reality" ? After that i realize i become omipotent the first thing i do would messing around with my power and see if i can do anything

2. You know what ? Reaction is something i am really addicted to. i always watch those pranks videos and laughed like a maniac everytime i desire more and more reaction i would travel to moon and create my own base there after that i would started travel around the world with power and started pranking people like dropping them in mars and give them a base , make Moon become bigger than earth , Give donald trump a power to travel across dimension because jojo reference , make power in fiction became real (Such as Stand from jojo , Devil fruits , Magecraft , and many things) . Then i would create a new religion after that if i get bored in earth i would travel across the multiverse looknig for a civilzation and others like me and i'll do it agian i'll prank them i'll turn all of their water into pee and their sky become rainbow skeletons roaming the streets, etc if i get bored i'll be a vigilante type and i would use my omniscient to know what the crimes are being commit and stopped them after i get bored i would create a tournament it a All-out royale battle i would give people a random power and if they won i will give them one wish no matter how many ridiculous it is i will grant them the wish there's so many thing i could done as omipotent. So yeah i'll just troll people 

3. I have one friend i always talk and play with, i'll tell him and i'll give him powers so we can do weird crap and troll humanity and universe together

4.I won't tell anything to people AT ALL. that one joy of being a mysterious force controlling the universe is really great

5.I would see how far humanity can go and i would troll people More and MORE i would make fiction become reality powers become real and people can finally make their dream come true, But the most thing i want to do is granting people wish yeah

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