BraveHeart70 wrote:
DYBAD wrote:
I would do pretty much the same as my favorite handmade character ^ ^

Playing God isn't for me, but I'd have tons of fun in a fair and respectful way.

It's not for me, either. I'd probably feel so guilty that I would try to come up with a way for them to take me down if necessary (Hey, I'm God, my rules.) After giving them pure hearts of course. 

It does make sense from the real life mono-world perspective. But let's assume there are actually endless myriads of unhappy realities/worlds/timelines/whatnot scattered across innumerable multiverses in need of fixing. Would you spend your existence patching them up one after the other, knowing fully well that no matter how many you correct, they will be always be an imperceptible drop the boundless infinity of what remains to be done ?

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