Welcome to the Realm of Vigilantes, a roleplay set in a dystopian future where anything goes! Here in the Realm, you can choose to be a cop, a vigilante or a criminal. Naturally, these three are enemies of each other. Cops are there to put the criminals and vigilantes behind bars, vigilantes are there to kill or severely brutalize the criminals and avoid the cops, and the criminals are there for their own personal gain, willing to take out anyone standing in their way. There will be a main plot involving a criminal mastermind, King (portrayed by yours truly) who sends the criminals to exterminate the vigilantes in return for monetary compensation. With the information out of the way, here's the character template!


Alias (criminals and vigilantes) or Rank (cops):



Powers (optional):


Affiliation (cop, vigilante, rogue criminal or underling of King):

Alright ladies and gents, let’s get to roleplaying!

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