New version of Corrupt a Superpower/Wish, but you can augment powers to make the dream better to. Rules

Rule 1 to make a wish/dream say I dream or wish.....

Rule 2 choose one corrupt or craft a dream per dream not both.

Rule 3 Maximum of 4 corruptions or augmentations

Rule 4 No negation of modifications to a dream unless you can get around the limits or augmentations with the modified dream.

Rule 5 Once you have corrupted or crafted a dream no you or anyone else can mess with it again you get one shot per dream. The only exception to this if someone legally found a way around the modification then you can craft or corrupt again, but you must stick with the type the first modification to the dream fell into.

Rule 6 Limit your swearing.

Rule 7 No loopholes use common sense.

Rule 8 Be as sadistic or kind with your modifications as you desire.

Rule 9 You can't modify your dream.

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