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MJM1035 wrote: Well firstly I don't think I would be the person who should become omnipotent because of the old truism that absolute power corrupts absolutely. That said if this were to come to pass I would take a few different actions. Firstly I would remove greed as a human impulse and would I also make it so that anyone who has committed a crime of violence would feel all the pain and suffering they've ever caused for the duration of all the lives they've affected. As a result people who cease striving for more than is necessary to their subsistence. I would also implant the humanitarian impulse into the global population. That way global gaps in resources would be lessened while also reducing the general excess of needless possessions. After that I would make humanity genetically and physiologically intolerant of alcohol and substances that impact one’s capacity for rational decision making (including tobacco in all forms). Once that was done I would make it so that every language would be instantly understandable to everyone, regardless of whether they speak that language or not. After that had to carried next I would implant an impulse towards subsistence food production where resources and environmental conditions allow. That way everyone affected would become almost entirely self-sufficient which along with decreasing desire and demand for imported food stuffs would also help reduce carbon emissions by increasing global plant life that would subsequently absorb ambient carbon dioxide and other green house gases. After that I would abolish monetary systems altogether and return the populous to a barter and exchange economy. That is if one lacked something others would provide it in exchange for something else the second party also lacks. Along with all this I would implant a desire for knowledge about useful subjects and simplicity of living. That way knowledge that can made use of (such as trades and services) would flourish while also removing from the equation complications that do nothing but create excess worry about that which one cannot control. Next I would implant an abhorrence of violence of any kind (whether against animals, fellow humans, or plant life). That way people who have an embedded incentive to treat any animals in their care well because otherwise they would be committing violence and/or abuse against them. After that I would put a natural program in place that weed out any weaklings or people unable to care for themselves or those close to them. This would include those with severe and/or debilitating mental, physiological, constitutional, and psychological disabilities or impairments unless they serve an essential function in their respective community.

I don’t even know whether to be thankful or afraid.
well that is of course entirely up to you but I've studied human history, the human condition, and psychology extensively and have come to the conclusion that these changes would be more beneficial than harmful in the long run. others are free to disagree and take issue with my views if they so wish but if so I invite them to propose better solutions to humanities problems as well as problems the nucleus and cause of which is humanity.

Fair enough.

Honestly the very question hurts my mind. Omnipotence should not be possessed by anything or anyone. Nigh Omnipotence is great, because it hasn’t it’s limits. With omnipotence, if you make the wrong choice you could wipe out everything. It is too powerful for someone or something that has opinions to have.

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