Quick story.

You are given the power to add a limitation/weakness/detriment to any power of your choosing. What do you choose?

Before posting, there are rules:

1: Don’t be an asshole.

2: No adding the same limitation to the same power over and over again.

3: You can only corrupt one power per post.

4: Follow the rules.

5: Maximum number of limitations you can give to a power per comment is 3.

6: See Rule 4.

7: Nothing dirty, please.


9: Limit your goddamn fucking profanity, you fucks.

10: Be respectful.

11: Nobody likes a killjoy. We’re just here to have fun.

12: Be as cruel with your limitations as you want. >:)

13: See Rule 8.

14: No posting more than two times in a row.

15: No corrupting people’s ability to corrupt.

16: Remember, you can only corrupt superpowers. Nothing else.

Now with that in mind, have fun!

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