I Read a couple issues of the intergalactic empire of wakanda. And it stated they masted Gene-altreration so wakandians can live extremely longer than regular humans. The Wakanda empire spans 5 WHOLE galaxies keep in mind in one galaxy there 100 billion of plants and stars times that 5 thats over 500 billion planets at the kings disposal.

Let's compare that to the kardashev scale a type 3 civilization would be Godlike keep in mind thats just one galaxy that and wakanda owns 5 of them. Also is worth to note that Wakandians are not just technologically advanced they also spiritual and mentally advanced as well. Also not asgard would a type 3 civilization on the kardashev scale wakanda owning three galaxies would put them on par or maybe even surpass them but that is a HUGE MAYBE but definitely foreseeable. Their already the most powerful empire in marvel beating out all marvels empires because they have 5 galaxies under its belt.

Now lets add somewhat some realistic powers could have or somewhat shown in they comics i.e

1. Eternal Evolution 2. Eternal Transcendence

With information provided above what are some feats and great wakanda be able to accomplish

Me personally I think they could

1. Create their own X-Gene on steroids for Wakanda thus making mutant Wakandians(this is feasible because their is wakanda mutant in marvel comics for get his name though so don't drag me on that one)

2. They can Upgrade the Heart shaped herb to Godlike level heights( considering marvel did this with super solider serum for captain America and sentry)

3. Become their own lesser version of the celestials/cosmic Engineers.

These the most realistic I could come up with. What new heights and feats could reach. What do ya'll think could happen.
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